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Boychuk gets friendly shove from Varlamov after losing skate blade

Short Shifts by Pat Pickens @Pat_Pickens / Staff Writer Johnny Boychuk sacrificed a skate blade for his goalie, and Semyon Varlamov made sure to show his appreciation.

After Boychuk's blade popped off while blocking a shot, Varlamov gave him a friendly push to the New York Islanders bench during the first period of Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Final on Tuesday.

The Islanders defenseman got into trouble after his blade came dislodged by deflecting a shot from Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman Victor Hedman.

Boychuk struggled first to get to his feet then get off the ice with only one functioning skate.

But after he finally got up, Boychuk got a boost from Varlamov, who drifted out of his crease to aid his teammate.

Boychuk, who returned to the lineup for his first game since Aug. 1, could only laugh on the bench after he and his team had survived.

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