Conor McGregor

Boxing hits an all-time low with Floyd Mayweather vs YouTuber rumor

Boxing has officially hit an all-time low for the millennials with rumors the great Floyd Mayweather has struck a deal to fight a well-known YouTuber.

Social media has been awash with comments as YouTube videos begin popping with ‘confirmations’ of signatures on the contract.

WBN won’t even mention the said presenter on our website as he’s attempted to box before and looked entirely out of his depth each time.

In the sport to milk it for all it’s worth, the YouTuber seems to be the only way of generating new young boxing fans.

Completely untrue, as the YouTuber has already taken part in a professional card, and that didn’t see any influx from the TikTok generation.

So going any lower than they already controversial Conor McGregor cross-codes clash would be highly damaging to his reputation.

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