Bowers and Wilkins' 600 Anniversary Edition looks better, promises improved sound

The 600 Series Anniversary Edition, now the seventh iteration of the iconic speakers, comprises four new models -- two bookshelves, a floorstander and a center channel.

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The Anniversary model retains the silver Continuum cone of the previous version but includes an upgraded crossover inherited from the recent 700 Series Signature line.

If I were to make a musical analogy, these appear to be a "remastered" version of the existing 606 S2 and not a remix or re-imagining like the Elac Uni-Fi 2.0 that was announced recently.

At $900 for the 606 S2 these are pricey as an entry-level speaker, and it would be great to see the company revisit its earlier 300 series to offer fans a more affordable option.

Compact stand-mount or bookshelf speaker offering outstanding bass response and insight from its main 130mm (5-inch) Continuum Cone mid/bass driver.

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