Big Brother recap: An explosive fight acts as a reminder of the issues plaguing Big Brother

While a core group of six (The Committee) has been controlling the house, and the show seems to have once again fallen into the pattern of the “high school clique” where all the “popular” kids target the “outsiders,” things have mostly been friendly.

Look, there is a ton to unpack here, and I’m going to do my best to talk about the two big topics of the week (Tyler almost quitting the game, and the night of fighting and shouting between Christmas, Bayleigh, and Da’Vonne) in a way that hopefully gives enough space to the complexity of the situation.

All the big blowups and all the toxic behavior is a direct result of the producers refusing to let Tyler make his move, which creates a hostile environment for the rest of the week.

As she points out, she has to be the cooler, calmer person in these situations because anything close to anger, even if justified, ends up with her labeled as the “crazy black woman,” and she doesn’t want to feed into that trope.

Christmas does not have to use her veto to get rid of Tyler, and it’s silly for Bayeligh to feel that betrayed by her (and just to be clear, The Committee has done their own ridiculous whining and complaining when they’ve been caught lying).

This is happening in the same house where Memphis, Christmas, Dani, and Nicole have all been caught on the live feeds making fun of Ian’s rocking back and forth (his self-soothing technique, one that he’s very open about in regards to being on the autism spectrum), and where those players have accused him of playing up his condition in order to garner sympathy in the game.

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