Beyond COVID-19, college football could be much different

SALT LAKE CITY — Today we continue with our ongoing theme of the last couple of weeks — College Football is a Big Hot Mess.

To make matters worse, the NCAA will grant another year of eligibility to players who sat out the season because of the pandemic, which means rosters and the number of scholarships allowed will have to be expanded, costing more money.

The Washington Post reported that 48 FBS schools spent $772 million combined on athletic facilities, an 89% increase over the previous decade (adjusted for inflation) — and that was in 2014.

These days it is de rigueur that football facilities have big-screen TVs, barber shops, leather couches and even miniature golf courses.

U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), summed up the situation well when he told USA Today, “You’ve got this relatively small handful of money-making sports programs that can credibly justify paying enormous coach salaries based upon the money they make, but that clearly puts a pressure on the schools in the (sports) programs that aren’t making money to pay similar salaries.

“To me, it’s fascinating that none of these schools feel any pressure to do better by the kids — that (some) coaches are making 60% more than they were five years ago, and the students haven’t gotten a dime in compensation during that time.”

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