Best parental control apps for monitoring your kid's activity on Android devices

Many parental control apps that don't play well with iOS ( like Qustodio ) have no problem running their full suite of features on Android's flexible OS, giving families who prefer Samsung and Google phones over iPhones, or Fire Tablets and Galaxy Tabs over iPads, a more robust approach device monitoring.

Instead of confiscating their phone as a means of screen time control, devise a mutually agreed upon schedule for when texting, social media, or games are allowed, and when their device needs to lock for uninterrupted learning at school, homework, or falling asleep.

Unsurprisingly, the tech giant has its own parental control app: Google Family Link offers a pretty damn comprehensive list of monitoring and management features, and the fact that it's totally free makes it hard to justify paying elsewhere.

These range anywhere from sites themed around drugs and explicit content to file sharing and online chat, which comes in handy since kids tend to use way more messaging apps than adults even know exist.

Boomerang is also armed with SPIN safe browser, a self-sufficient web filtering service that scans websites as they're being searched and automatically rejects content like pornography or nudity and hate speech.

Long list of safety features for the price • Reliable geofencing notifications • Kids can see how much "FunTime" they have left • Responsive chat support Contacts can only be monitored, not blocked • No automatic explicit website filtering • Limits occasionally need to be reset • Reports of overcharging An affordable option with broad emergency situation coverage that you don't always find in high-end apps.

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