Advanced Micro Devices

Apple Reportedly Prepping New Self-Built iMac GPU for 2H 2021

According to the new report , Apple’s new GPU — codenamed Lifuka — is progressing smoothly and intended for 5nm deployment in next year’s iMac.

It’s possible that Apple still intends to partner with AMD to offer creatives an accelerated GPU at the high-end of the market, but will ship its own integrated silicon first before tackling discrete.

The company could also be planning to launch its own discrete and integrated solutions simultaneously, though whether it would actually ship silicon independently of system sales is its own question.

With CPUs, Apple can solder every single CPU to the motherboard for both desktops and laptops, thereby avoiding any need to build a separate business distribution channel for its hardware.

If Apple wants to build a solution that can scale across all of its product families, it’s going to need more than just an iGPU sitting next to an ARM core.

HBM has yet to make a home for itself anywhere but high-end silicon, and it seems unlikely that Apple would field such an esoteric part as its first move out of the gate.

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