AB 617: Plans for Monitoring, Improving Local Air Quality Move Along – at a Glacial Pace

But while the orange skies terrifying half the state are definitely insidious and dangerous, other invisible toxic particulates are having deep, long term health impacts on local communities.

Environmental justice groups have fought for years to strengthen state, regional, and local monitoring of air quality.

While CARB and the local air districts could require stricter standards – for example, on mobile sources like diesel trucks serving a site – the tendency has been to allow industry to take the lead.

Participants say the process was collaborative and helped develop relations and communication among these various groups while identifying the main problems needing to be addressed.

For its part, CARB is pushing the air district to continue to engage with community members and follow the recommendations of the steering committee.

Most local air monitoring focuses on particulate matter – which is important, as California’s current smoky sky proves.

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