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A. Zverev is on his own at the US Open, and he seems to be enjoying it

On Friday, as the afternoon wore on and Alexander Zverev and Adrian Mannarino failed to appear for their third-round match in Louis Armstrong Stadium, the tennis world—or at least the one we see on social media—began to collectively freak out .

Even as his starting time in Armstrong came and went, he could be seen kicking back in a lounge chair in his suite in Arthur Ashe Stadium, wearing just a pair of shorts and white socks.

When the camera caught him in full chill-out mode, Zverev happily held his hand up, waved, and flashed a, “What, me worry?” grin at the world.

Zverev grew up on the tour, tagging along with his father, and older brother, Mischa, and he has traveled with his family his entire career.

During the break, Zverev began a coaching partnership with Spanish legend David Ferrer ; the two will resume working together after the Open.

Zverev’s family and coaches cited safety concerns in skipping the trip to New York, which means he’s on his own at a big event for the first time.

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