Boston Celtics

A quick guide to all of Tuesday's NBA and WNBA playoff basketball

In the WNBA, we’ve got not one but two single elimination playoff games coming up and they both feature the teams that were in the finals last year.

Here’s a quick guide to each game and why it’s worth watching — even if you have to bounce back and forth between channels.

Eastern Conference Finals: Celtics (3) vs. Heat (5) The Heat and the Celtics weren't the two best teams in the East during the postseason but they've absolutely proven that they're the conference's best in these playoffs so far.

The Celtics are incredibly deep and talented and the Heat, well, they have Jimmy Butler.

No matter who wins, we get a juicy storyline and an amazing Western Conference Finals.

First Round: Phoenix Mercury (5) vs. Washington Mystics (8) Look, this is a playoff game and Diana Taurasi is playing in it.

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