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Will Angels call up first-rounder Reid Detmers this year? 'It's not out of the question'

During any other summer, the Angels ’ first-round draft pick would be working out with his fellow draftees in Arizona, getting accustomed to playing professional baseball for the first time in his life.

Detmers, who is stretched out to throw five innings in his outings at the moment, believes he can lend a hand as soon as the Angels call him.

The intrasquad format isn’t typically conducive to making great strides in player development.

Detmers’ arsenal already included an impressive curveball and changeup upon his arrival in Southern California last month.

Maddon doesn’t mind that Detmers’ fastball lacks the zip of many other top pitching prospects.

I actually think you’re gonna see a trend coming back to pitchers over just rock-throwers, guys that are just trying to throw it as hard as they possibly can.

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