Kawhi Leonard

Vince Carter's Right, Kawhi Leonard SHOULD Be In The GOAT Discussion If He Wins One More NBA Title

After Kawhi Leonard won an NBA title with the Toronto Raptors last season, a couple of my buddies and I asked a complicated question: Will he reach GOAT status should he win at least one more?

Sounds absurd on the surface, but, dig a little deeper and it makes sense to at least consider — Kawhi has already won two championships by the age of 29, and has a legit chance of adding a few more to his resume now that he and the L.A. Clippers are serious title contenders .

What’s more impressive is this: If Leonard wins a title with the Clips, he’ll have won one with three different franchises, a feat that just two players have achieved in NBA history (Robert Horry and John Salley) — and something that LeBron James is trying to accomplish with the Lakers.

For that reason, it’s not surprising to hear some of his peers throw Kawhi serious praise, with Vince Carter even hinting that the dude deserves GOAT consideration should he win another championship — the same thing my buddies and I wondered last year.

Although some people may not think of Kawhi Leonard as a top-5 player in the league at this very moment — mainly because he doesn’t have the flash or self-promotion that guys like James Harden or LeBron has — there’s no denying that he deserves to be considered in that group.

When the lights are the brightest, Kawhi Leonard becomes the baddest man on a basketball court on the planet — so don’t be so quick to downplay the idea that he should be considered a top-5 player all-time if he wins one or two more NBA titles in the next few years.

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