Chicago Cubs

The Virtual DNC: No 'Fans' and a Script Without Drama

The Chicago Cubs had stormed back against the St. Louis Cardinals to salvage a split of their double-header by the time Amy Klobuchar kicked off the speakers lineup at the Democratic National Convention Monday night.

The Democratic National Committee announced the event would be virtual long ago, and since then the grumbling about the loss of the fabled balloon drop in a packed convention hall has become its own cliché.

“On the flip side,” he continued, “a much tighter compact presentation could be more appealing to most viewers.” Game-time decisions can be make-or-break, calls he would likely avoid if he were in charge again by producing something that would “look a lot like the 30-minute informercial we did during the Obama campaign.” That paid spot aired across television networks in 2008 and earned bigger ratings than the final game of the World Series that year.

With DNC Chairman Tom Perez promising a “remarkable” show and with the networks left to just press “play,” party programmers had carte blanche to try and make the most of a bad situation.

The overarching theme Monday night was supposed to be national unity while the underlying subtext stressed by every speaker and canned bit was the utter failure of the Trump administration to deal competently with the pandemic, the recession, and boiling racial tensions.

The New York governor prompted social media outrage by claiming during his prerecorded spiel that the coronavirus, which has killed 170,000 Americans, was “just a metaphor” for how the national “body politic has been weakened.”

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