The Oppo Watch is a new Wear OS alternative to the Apple Watch

It's certainly packed with features and functionality: the smartwatch comes with heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and fast charging that gets you from zero to full in as little as 75 minutes.

The larger 46 mm Oppo Watch has the option of cellular connectivity on board, a 1.91-inch AMOLED screen, and voice coaching for your workouts.

You don't get LTE, voice coaching or ceramic in the casing, but the 6000-series aluminum alloy frame is the same, and the battery life is listed as 24 hours.

Both versions of the Oppo Watch come with GPS and the Google Assistant on board, with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage available.

That's on top of all the usual Wear OS features that will let you track your activities, use Google Maps from your wrist, see your upcoming schedule, access Gmail and various messaging apps and so on.

Oppo has also added its own HeyTap Health app on top, bringing with it extra features such as the voice coaching.

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