Persona 5 anime begins streaming on Funimation today

Viewers in North America and Canada can check out the entire series with a choice of both its original Japanese or new English dub.

The latter sees the original cast of the video game stepping back into their respective roles as Joker, Ryuji, Haru, Morgana and Lady Ann, et al.

Under the care of cafe owner Sojiro Sakura, our protagonist soon falls in with a group of equally troubled students, each denied justice in one way or another.

Upon learning of a strange alternate universe, where one can "steal the hearts" of the callous and cruel, the friends form an outlaw group known as The Phantom Thieves, determined to correct the course of those who prey on the innocent and helpless.

Persona 5 the Animation condenses the video game's mammoth storyline into around 30 episodes, and is not particularly successful in doing so, biting off a little more narrative than it can chew for its running time.

Still, it's worth checking out for Persona 5 fans, and at least this new Funimation stream will cost you a durn sight less than the shockingly priced Blu-ray set .

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