Persona 5: The Animation Arrives on Funimation Tomorrow, Both Subbed and Dubbed

A few hours later, fans' theories were proven true, after the site officially announced that the anime adaptation of Atlus' mega-hit JRPG Persona 5 would be available to stream on their platform.

Once the show releases, Funimation will carry all 26 episodes of the anime, including two OVA's, "Dark Sun..." and "Stars and Ours."

However, at the beginning of July 2020, Aniplex announced the series would be receiving an official English dub with all the main voice actors from the game returning.

Luckily, it seems they now have a much cheaper option, as Funimation's $5.99/month subscription (which includes their entire anime library of both subbed and dubbed titles) is significantly less expensive than the Blu-Ray box set.

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Beyond her writing endeavors, Abby is also an onscreen and voiceover actress, as well as a casting production assistant based in New York City.

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