NBA could lose nearly $1 billion in ticket revenue during 2020 playoffs

Whether it’s a basketball game or a Gob Bluth magic performance, you are likely to hear the opening strains of Europe’s “The Final Countdown.” It’s infectious and catchy, not to mention full of energy.

Maybe you’re just a city boy born and raised in South Detroit (not a real place, but we won’t quibble).

No matter what, you’ve heard Journey’s classic anthem “Don’t Stop Believin’” at least once at an NBA game.

If you put the word “jump” in a song’s chorus, there’s a decent chance it will end up getting played at a basketball game.

There is a ton of energy in “Crazy Train,” and a lot of times the whole point of playing a song at a sporting event is to get fans pumped.

Hey, a Sugarhill Gang song that isn’t “Rapper’s Delight!” You may not know this one by name, but you’ve heard it and probably danced to it.

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