NASA Detects a Growing Dent in Magnetic Field; Satellites May Go Haywire

The National Astronomic and Space Administration (NASA) noticed an unusual weak spot in the form of a small dent seen on the Earth's magnetic field surface that functions as a filter to the Sun's many potentially harmful particles.

The space company notes that a magnetic field is a form of protection that shields the planet from harmful particles emitted by the Solar System's giant star.

This abnormality causes particles from the Sun to enter the planet and draws closer to the surface compared to its normal situation.

The charged particles contribute to the damaging of computer circuits installed in said satellites and may hinder in the data gathering process of these devices.

Currently, NASA is studying this anomaly carefully, together with a group of geomagnetic, geophysics, and heliophysics research scientists to ensure its threat potential that may even transition to humans in space.

However, another cause of concern by scientists also includes the Earth's magnetic tilt axis and the flow of molten metal in its outer core.

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