Lil Baby's Girlfriend Jayda Cheaves Responds to Recent Drama, Yaya Mayweather Weighs In

A lot of drama went down last week after rapper Lil Baby and the mother of one of his children, Ayesha, got into it over social media .

Lil Baby had claims of his own, hitting back at what Ayesha said by stating that he already paid for in-house tutors for their son.

Lil Baby’s current girlfriend, Jayda Cheaves , also responded to the situation and sent out some subliminal tweets.

“We’re in the middle of a pandemic, and me and Jason are taking these costly rides back and forth to get to the grocery store or to the city,” she said on Instagram.

When a fan asked him about it on Twitter, he said , “I bought her a Range Rover but she ain’t get it because she’s irresponsible .. she get her prior[i]ties together the car is sittin in my garage waitin on her.”

“Idc how hard life get imma keep some money put up i never touch and keep my own place even if i don’t use that b***h. Cuz whatever a n***a got… AINT MINE,” she wrote .

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