How to fix Microsoft Flight Simulator download issues

The integrated "Content Manager" has emerged as a point of frustration for some early adopters, with reports of stuck and slow downloads when first starting the game.

When downloading in-game content for Microsoft Flight Simulator, try spanning your game fullscreen, and leaving the PC to handle the full installation.

The issue previously impacted our staff, sometimes resulting in crashes when left downloading new content in the background, minimized in the system tray.

After the initial launch rush subsides, installing the game outside of peak hours could eliminate several variables hindering downloads today.

The latest entry concludes over a decade hiatus for the classic Microsoft-made series, embracing its modern cloud empire to deliver an unparalleled scale.

But representing every country down the finest details isn't easy, requiring over a 150GB installation, without counting over two petabytes of world data ripe for streaming.

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