Google may kill Duo in favor of Meet, and I think that is the right move

Painfully, that lack of vision over the years has resulted in some truly fine products being killed off for no good reason and multiple other questionable moves along the way.

In the midst of all this chaos, Google has done a few things that make me a bit more hopeful about the future of its messaging plan.

While that hasn’t been perfect, they did get RCS out to most users that have the app installed and new features continue to get added to the service.

This transition will reportedly be a couple years in the making and we’ll not see Duo magically disappear in the near future: but change is coming.

There’s also the off chance that as this evolves, we could see a similar offering to what the G Suite Gmail experience is shaping up to be: a more unified place for Google-centered messages.

No one really knows how all this will eventually shake out in the end, but any move towards a simpler, more-refined messaging strategy from Google is welcome in my book, even if it means killing off a great service like Duo.

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