FDA warns of nearly 90 hand sanitizers that could be toxic

He says the FDA has seen a sharp increase in hand sanitizers labeled to contain ethanol or ethyl alcohol, but instead contain methanol.

“Methanol is used in things like anti-freeze,” says Heather Florio, CEO of Desert Harvest , which manufacturers natural Aloe Vera products including hand sanitizer.

When the pandemic hit, hand sanitizer quickly flew off the shelves, prompting the birth of new brands, many out of Mexico.

The FDA has now added 87 varieties of hand sanitizer to its “do not use list” including the Assured and Blumen brands.

At least not yet, 8News found several recalled hand sanitizers still for sale online including the Assured brand on Amazon.

We also hit area retailers and checked store shelves, finding a Richmond Family Dollar still selling a recalled Modesa brand.

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