Digital marketing is accelerating – so what's next?

In 2019, Hallam , Google’s Premier Partners Growing Businesses Online 2019 award winners, published one in a series of eBooks: The Future of Digital Marketing: 2019 and beyond .

The levels at which clients will be impacted by some of these trends will vary depending on the industry but these features just go to show how susceptible businesses are to the evolution of Google’s search product, and highlights the importance of a diverse traffic acquisition strategy.

Jon Martin, our technical director, says that one of the big things taking shape right now in the digital marketing community is the programming language, Python .

The less resistance you add to the user experience on any platform - whether that’s in-store, on a digital interface, website, or even a book - the easier it is to use, the more intuitive it is, and the higher the probability that it will convert into a sale or enquiry.

If you’re happy with your current website’s design, but want to increase engagement, then our advice would be to review the experiences of certain areas and make ad-hoc changes to those sections to improve the offering.

What we’re going to see is SEO and PPC come together to form integrated search and shared data campaigns, which will, ultimately, save money for businesses and brands in the long run.

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