Apple And Epic Feud Can Affect Hundreds Of Games, Other Software

Apple and Epic's feud could potentially affect hundreds of other games and software used for various purposes, a report reveals.

This is because of a potential side effect that could happen in the event that the iPhone maker decides to deactivate the game publisher's developer account.

This move, the game company's CEO Tim Sweeney said, will have “devastating” consequences, CNBC reported.

Sweeney explained in a filing on Monday that Epic will lose access to SDKs, APIs and other tools that it uses to run and update the Unreal Engine that's currently being used by various apps if Apple disables its developer account.

This caused the iPhone maker to decide to remove “Fortnite” from the iOS App Store as it violates the company's policies.

After pulling Fortnite from its App Store, Apple notified Epic Games it will cut off access to tools needed to tailor software for devices powered by the iPhone maker's operating systemsPhoto: AFP / Chris DELMAS

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