Wynonna Earp premiere recap: The Earp gang FINALLY returns

Wynonna lost Peacemaker, defeated Bulshar, and found everyone in Purgatory has gone missing with only the words “Valdez” scratched into the homestead wall.

At the homestead, Wynonna is trying to figure out what Valdez could mean when Nedley reveals he kept all of Dolls’ Black Badge Division documents at the police station.

When they get to the BBD site, Nicole realizes Wynonna is still lying: She doesn’t have peacemaker anymore, which they need because someone immediately starts firing on them.

Before Nicole has time to note that these bodies look odd, Wynonna tosses a small explosive and awakens the “bodies.” See, this facility is full of zombies.

It’s a frozen tundra with random doors and monoliths —not exactly what either of them was expecting to see in the “Garden of Eden,” especially not Wave, who finds herself chained up to one of the stones.

Lights flash and sounds boom through the underground chamber as Waverly and Doc realize the urn probably doesn’t want half angel or vampire blood.

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