Succubus Is An Intense First Person Adventure That Invites Players Into The Depths Of Hell, Prologue Now Available ...

The developers have just released a free demo of its Agony spin-off title and invited players to take the role of a Succubus in the depths of hell.

Prepare to enter a surreal world filled with fire, gore, and fear as one of the most lustful demons known to man.

The developers have released a free demo for Succubus that any player can enjoy provided they can confirm their age.

Eat your opponents hearts, embrace your rage, and unleash the power of your pyrokinesis skills upon all who would betray your rule.

Attack with your claws, wield weapons of bone and massacre your enemies leaving an ocean of limbs and charred corpses on a quest to reclaim your kingdom.

This game is sure to gain a massive following for its unique design, brutal combat, and epic story of action and violence.

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