Samsung vs Sony TV: which is better?

OLED is a tech that allows a TV to emit light on a pixel-by-pixel basis, which makes for stunning contrast levels and richer, more natural-looking pictures, when compared to less expensive panel technology such as LCD and LED.

Other notable advantages of OLED include wider viewing angles, faster response times and thinner panels, which enable wafer-thin designs.

This mini format war won't ruin your day-to-day viewing, but it's worth knowing the difference between Dolby Vision and HDR10+ before you side with either Samsung or Sony.

It offers high-end QLED performance at a mid-range price, delivering a dynamic image packed with detail, as well as solid sound and plenty of HDMI connections.

Samsung's smallest and most affordable 2019 8K TV, the 65in QE65Q900R , garnered a healthy four stars in our review thanks to its gorgeous native 8K picture and deep, detailed blacks.

The brand also offers a brilliant choice of mid-range and affordable LCD TVs, complete with the full Tizen smart TV experience on board.

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