Samsung launches 8TB SSD for PCs

The South Korean tech giant said its latest SSD offers both improved performance and greater capacity, touting that the 870 QVO is a great value product for both mainstream and professional PC users.

It also comes with "Intelligent TurboWrite technology" that adjusts the buffer size to an optimal level within the usable disk space.

Samsung added that the Magician 6 software has been upgraded to offer a more convenient interface and that the 870 QVO provides an endurance rating of up to 2,880TB in total bytes written.

Dr Sebastian Seung will head the South Korean tech giant's research unit to strengthen its AI competence.

Samsung will later update the solution to allow field engineers to adjust the antennas of base stations from their smartphones on the ground.

The expanded factory line at the Pyeongtaek plant will begin producing 100-layer class V-NAND flash memory in 2021.

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