McDonald's customers changed their behavior during pandemic, but some trends could endure

An employee wearing protective gloves handles an order at a prototype location of fast food giant McDonald's for restaurants which respect the 6ft social distancing measure.

McDonald's is seeing some consumer behavior trends reverse as lockdowns ease, but the fast-food giant thinks higher delivery orders and other buying patterns will stick around long after the coronavirus pandemic .

"In terms of enduring behavior, I think whether it's the use of kiosks, the use of mobile, the use of delivery, the use of drive-thru, certainly one of the things is that customers are looking for more of a contactless type of experience," Kempczinski said.

But locations near malls, city centers or travel destinations are under more pressure as tourism, indoor shopping and working from office buildings fall out of favor with consumers.

Still, executives said that the chain grew market share during the quarter, which could mean some new customers will keep buying their Egg McMuffins even after they resume their prior routines.

As lockdowns ease, some trends, like higher checks, are normalizing, but the company thinks that digital orders and delivery are here to stay.

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