Long-wavelength light for 3 minutes a day could boost aging eyesight: study

In the study, 24 people — 12 men and 12 women — with healthy eyes were sent home with a small LED flashlight emitting deep red, long-wavelength light waves and asked to look into it for three minutes a day for two weeks.

While the light did nothing for the younger participants, those age 40 and up saw “significant improvements,” researchers at the University College of London (UCL) Institute of Ophthalmology said in a statement Monday.

Given that declining eyesight is a hallmark of aging, the simple, low-cost therapy — the flashlight costs about $15 — could be a game changer, the research team said in the study, published this week in the Journals of Gerontology .

“The retina ages faster than any other organ in your body,” study lead author and Institute of Ophthalmology professor Glen Jeffery told CNN .

Previous studies on mice, bumblebees and fruit flies showed similar improvements in the function of the retina’s photoreceptors with the same long-wavelength light exposure, the researchers noted.

The study would have to be replicated with more subjects to be approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Indiana University School of Medicine associate professor Dr. Raj Maturi told CNN.

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