Hideo Kojima in talks with Junji Ito to develop new horror game

It seems the reports of Kojima finally returning to horror after all these years are coming to fruition.

In an interview by Viz Media during Comic Con@Home 2020 (via ComicBook ), Ito was asked whether he was working on any video game projects.

As mentioned, the Death Stranding creator has previously expressed interest in developing a horror game, even posting a tweet on how he’s preparing to make one.

but that rumour was quickly quelled by Konami but not before saying that there were “not closing the door on the franchise.”

For now, not much else is known about the mysterious horror game mentioned by Ito in the interview beyond what he shared, but it is already enough to get us excited and we can only wait and see if more details will come our way sometime in the future.

Meanwhile, Ito’s classic horror anthology Uzumaki is being adapted into a four-part miniseries for Toonami by Adult Swim.

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