EA explains new 'UFC 4' star-based fighter ranking mechanics

As EA Sports gears up for the release of UFC 4 next month, the studio has unveiled the game’s new fighter ranking mechanics, alongside an explanation on how it works.

This year, UFC 4 will be introducing a new star rating system to help players understand the strengths and weaknesses of the game’s roster of fighters, which EA explained through a new blogpost .

As EA explains, the new mechanic “allows for a better assortment of fighters when playing online or against friends on the couch.

Players will be able to accept or decline in-game updates after major UFC events to change a fighter’s attributes and moveset.

EA also explained how it arrived at the new attribute and ranking system for the game: “We need to make these types of strengths and weaknesses clear for our casual player base while also holding to the authentic strengths and weaknesses of licensed fighters.”

Pre-ordering the game will unlock new venues, as well as guest boxers Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury.

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