Coinbase CEO: Exchange Won't List XMR Due to 'Issue With Regulators'

Brian Armstrong says regulators would be "up in arms" with Monero listed on Coinbase, even as Binance and Kraken offer support for the token.

News Brian Armstrong says Coinbase won’t be listing privacy coins like Monero ( XMR ) as they’re still untested grounds for regulators in the United States.

In a July 24 interview with Peter McCormack on his “What Bitcoin Did” podcast, Armstrong said he wanted to take a more conservative approach with Coinbase so the exchange would pass the test of time.

One of these issues was avoiding direct confrontation about privacy coins including Monero.

Cointelegraph reported on July 20 that hackers responsible for a Ransomware attack on Argentina's largest telecommunications company demanded $7.5 million in XMR , or 100,000 tokens.

Monero has been available for trading on other major exchanges including Kraken for more than three years , and Binance since September 2019.

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