Call of Duty Modern Warfare update: Final patch news before Warzone Season 5 release

Activision have been slowly teasing big changes to COD Warzone, which is expected to include a new train crossing the map.

Based on it being so close to a new Season and Battle Pass launching, this week’s Call of Duty Warzone patch could be relatively small.

Developers Infinity Ward could choose to launch some much-needed bug fixes, as well as refresh the current lineup of playlists.

More footage from COD Warzone shared by Twitch streamer Tyler' TeePee' Polchow this week includes a new map reveal.

A new message from Infinity Ward confirms that a new ban wave is being worked on across all platforms, telling gamers this week:

“Any user who is found to be decompiling or reverse engineering game code or data on disk or in memory is subject to penalty.

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