Bill Paxton's Son James Steps in to Play His Character on 'Agents of SHIELD'

history in an attempt to thwart the villainous alien Chronicoms, and along the way, they have run into several figures from the show and organization's past, including Jiaying (Dichen Lachman), Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj), yet another member of the Koenig family (played by Patton Oswalt) and many more.

However, he hadn't done any of that yet when he was encountered by Nathaniel Malick (Thomas E. Sullivan) in 1983, as the timestream-bending villain was attempting to recruit more soldiers to gain Inhuman powers and join his anarchic army.

's first season, and the team found the perfect person to play his younger counterpart: his 26-year-old son, James.

Taking on Garrett's signature slicked-back hair and hilarious mannerisms, James received an outpouring of awe and support as fans realized he was stepping in to play his late father's character and was praised for being a perfect likeness.

The iconic actor was memorialized by many of his famous friends, and received an emotional tribute at the 89th Annual Academy Awards, which were held one day after his death.

The Big Love star is survived by wife Louise Newbury, daughter Lydia, and James -- whose pinned tweet is a photo with his dad, the caption reading, "We are not two, we are one."

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