Angry gamers trend #FixMaddenFranchise as EA Sports charges full price for Madden NFL 21 with patch updates

EA Sports is being severely criticized after releasing the trailer for ‘Madden NFL 21’, which seems to have left the franchise fans highly disappointed by only showcasing patch updates while charging the customers with the full price.

Meanwhile, the majority of them have cited on the social media platform that EA Sports has turned its back on the game’s fans by offering nothing new in its Gridiron Notes focusing on the Face of the Franchise and Classic Franchise in Madden NFL 21.

He wrote , “In honor of the feelings hurt over at EA, here's the quality programming that got us here.

With #FixMaddenFranchise trending, people that dont even know this game are now forced to see its broken.

A large number of Madden fans called out EA Sports for being inconsiderate and only thinking of profits.

“EA does nothing to fix or improve franchise because it doesn’t make them money off of microtransactions.

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