Miami Marlins

And That Happened: Sunday's MLB scores and highlights

In related news, Jayson Stark of The Athletic spoke to an epidemiologist earlier this month who said that “four cases in a week, or three in five days, should sound alarms” for a baseball team, the sort of which might risk the season.

They didn’t quite stay six feet apart, but they were farther apart from each other than you are at the grocery store when one of those Instacart shoppers rolls by not knowing what the hell they’re doing, blocking half the aisle while reading labels and, inevitably, picking the wrong item for their client.

Fun thing: Miguel Andújar started in left field which is definitely nothing I ever would’ve guessed he’d do given that third base seemed to almost eat him alive a couple of years ago.

In less-than-great news, the Reds lost second baseman Mike Moustakas and center fielder Nick Senzel before the game, the former because he was not feeling well, the second for undisclosed reasons, which obviously means a positive COVID test.

Yesterday, to deal with that, the Wrigley Field PA people upped the volume on the fake piped-in noise so they couldn’t hear the smack talk.

Yeah, the long offseason gave me a chance to discover and binge “Letterkenny.” If it weren’t for the fact that I’m sort of required to keep this page PG-13, I’d just be copying and pasting all the Shoresy quotes every time two teams start jawing at one another.

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