Actor Vijayalakshmi hospitalised after suicide attempt

(Photos: Vijayalakshmi/Facebook)Actor Vijayalakshmi attempted suicide on Sunday, alleging harassment and bullying by followers of Naam Thamizhar party leader Seeman and Panankattu Padai’s Hari Nadar.

She recently made headlines for speaking against Seeman and the torture she was allegedly facing from the actor-turned-politician and his party.

I tried my level best to survive all these days because of my mother and sister, but I have been humiliated in the media by Harinadar recently.”

She added, “I would like to tell fans who are watching the video just because I was born in Karnataka, Seeman has tortured me a lot.

You slut shamed me to make me feel the pain and it is up to me to decide on what to do after facing such insults from you.

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