WWE releases 'Gentleman' Jack Gallagher amid sexual assault allegations, social media applauds swift action

The #SpeakingOut movement trending on social media opened a can of worms against WWE wrestler Jack Gallagher.

On June 19, as part of the #SpeakingOut movement, Becky revealed that Gallagher misbehaved with her in 2014, and recounted the incident.

While I acknowledge that I am an adult and can make my own decisions, he was literally pouring straight spirits into my glass, putting it to my mouth and telling me to drink."

Although they didn't divulge any details about why they let go of Gallagher, fans were convinced that it had something to do with the sexual assault allegations against him, considering the timing of their announcement.

Another wrote, "Even tho I liked seeing Jack Gallagher wrestling, it was such a good move by WWE."

"WWE officially announced that Jack Gallagher just got released I love it when they release ppl and they don’t wish them luck in their future endeavors because majority if not always its because they deserved the firing and not to be wished good luck in future aspirations," a user pointed out.

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