WATCH: Chick-fil-A CEO Says White People Should Shine Black People's Shoes

Cathy was invited, along with Christian rapper Lecrae, to sit with Pastor Louie Giglio and have “an open and honest conversation around how racism has plagued our city for generations, and the steps we can all take to confront it head-on in our church, our neighborhoods, and our hearts.”

He said this occurred at a church in a small town in Texas: “At that revival in the front seat was an older African American man that was sitting there.

And this young man got up, and he was so gripped with conviction about the racism that was in that local community that he took a shoe brush and he walked over to this elderly gentleman and he knelt on his knees and he began to shine his shoes.” Cathy said the “tears began to flow at that service.”

He then said, “I invite folks to just put some words to action here,” and stood up, walking over to Lecrae with a shoe brush.

The conversation came under fire on social media for comments made by Pastor Giglio during the segment.

He said it was “a horrible choice of words” that does not “reflect my heart.” He added, “I don’t, to be clear, believe there’s any blessing in slavery.”

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