Miami Dolphins

Should the Miami Dolphins sit Tua Tagovailoa in his first year?

Some on the Miami Dolphins staff will recommend sitting Tua Tagovailoa for a year before he starts.

A halfway decent running game and a good offensive line (which the Dolphins currently do not have), is paramount to establishing the confidence and growth of a young quarterback.

A good running game and the offensive line helped make Tannehill look a lot better than he did in Miami.

In the history of the NFL, has there ever been a situation where a rookie quarterback succeeded beyond belief with no running game and a poor offensive line?

Mathew Stafford, Robert Griffin III, Sam Bradford , and Andrew Luck to name a few took a massive beating early in their careers.

However, I prefer not to test the depth of Tua’s mental fortitude behind an unproven offensive line and a historically inept running game.

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