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NVIDIA RTX 3080 Time Spy Benchmark Leaked – Blows Away The RTX 2080 Ti

An unknown NVIDIA Ampere GPU, likely the RTX 3080, has had its 3DMark Time spy performance leaked courtesy of HardwareLeaks .

The gaming performance shown here absolutely blows away the last generation flagship and showcases that NVIDIA is going to have a spectacular RTX 3000 series launch later this year.

The benchmark posted by _rogame shows NVIDIA's Ampere GPU scoring a very impressive 18257 points in Time Spy graphics test which is just under Kingpin's insane 2.38 GHz clocked RTX 2080 Ti variant.

A traditional RTX 2080 TI FE variant clocks around 13939 points and the spotted Ampere GPU is roughly 31% faster than this.

This is indicative of an early engineering sample and performance as well as detection will likely improve as things go closer to launch.

Considering NVIDIA is moving to a smaller process with the Ampere series of cards, we are expecting a big performance jump (from the improved clock speeds, core count and of course, IPC).

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