NetherRealm Should Just Go Ahead and Make a Horror Icons Fighting Game

The nature for Mortal Kombat to follow a traditional release schedule means that we’re afforded mechanical improvements and visual upgrades, sure, yet it also causes players to miss out on what could be the ultimate fighting game crossover featuring horror icons.

I can’t help but feel, though, that by forcing players onto a new Mortal Kombat release each time, NetherRealm isn’t capitalizing on the foundation they’ve built in featuring these lauded horror guest fighters.

And yet, by seamlessly translating Mortal Kombat’s most successful core tenants – a deep story, easy-to-learn but tough-to-master fight mechanics and visually impressive special moves – to the superhero mold, NetherRealm now has another hit series on its hands.

Whereas previously, before the release of Injustice 2 in 2017, one could easily look at the first game and see it as a simple skin swap of Mortal Kombat , NetherRealm has continued to make the DC fighter feel totally unique and separate.

There may not be guts and viscera bandied about the screen or eye-wincing fatality kills, but its willingness to delve into the back catalog of DC’s vault, coupled with the loot-dropping “Gear System” that lets you to enhance a character’s base stats, has seen this superhero series fly.

Still, even if it would be just for a one-off, by smartly adapting the powers and abilities of every guest horror icon featured in Mortal Kombat thus far, NetherRealm Studios has proved that a standalone fighting game entirely centered around some of cinema’s fiercest slashers could work.

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