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Four Reasons Why New York Jets Safety Jamal Adams Ain't Coming to the Texans

Getting Adams is going to require several moving parts to come into synch, and the biggest one is putting a trade package together that the Jets find enticing enough to bite on.

The problem here is that the Texans would have to start dipping into the 2022 draft to even begin putting a package together (their first selection in 2021 is in the third round), and reportedly, if the Jets are going to move Adams, they want to bring back a king's ransom.

The Texans aren't trading anything worthwhile whose departure actually weakens them offensively (Tytus Howard comes to mind), and there is nothing on the defensive side they'd be willing to move in a deal for Adams (no, people, Bernardrick McKinney has no value to the Jets, sorry).

The safety position doesn't fit into O'Brien's hierarchy of "top of market" salaries So I know what some of you are saying now — "But Sean, O'Brien did just THAT with Tunsil, traded major draft capital to have to play him an exorbitant contract after the 2019 season ended."

If O'Brien is going to go top of market for players outside of the "elite position hierarchy," then it's going to be extending guys who've been in the Texans' locker room for a few years, not an unknown in free agency or a possibly draft-and-cap-crippling trade.

Sean Pendergast is a contributing freelance writer who covers Houston area sports daily in the News section, with periodic columns and features, as well.

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