Floor is Lava and Don't: two kids' games, turned into reality TV competitions

The show made the critical mistake of breaking its one rule on its very first game, revealing the premise to be flimsier than overcooked spaghetti.

You’ll recognize the tone from Deadpool , and I appreciated his fourth wall-breaking observations and jokes, which fill in all the dead air, and are often more entertaining than the games.

Shows like Wipeout and Holey Moley usually give some attention to a person paddling back to shore, or getting out and dripping wet, but not here: they’re just gone—well, until their team’s exit interview.

Top Gear’s Rutledge Wood narrates and pops up at the end to give out the cash prize and lava lamp trophy.

He’s also not offering reactions that feel raw and in-the-moment, like Holey Moley ’s commentators, Rob Riggle and Joe Tessitore, who react alongside us.

If we could have Floor is Lava with Ryan Reynolds’ narration and tighter editing, we’d have the perfect children’s game reality show.

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