Andrew Toles

Family of Andrew Toles, homeless ex-Dodgers outfielder, reveals heartbreaking story of mental illness

The baseball community was shocked last week when news broke that Andrew Toles, recently a popular outfielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers, had been arrested and jailed in Key West, Florida , after being found sleeping behind an airport.

Morgan Toles, Andrew’s sister, told USA Today that while her brother has a history of erratic behavior that sometimes affected his baseball career, the real trouble didn’t start until about 18 months ago.

The Dodgers didn’t hesitate, which led to Toles’ longest stint in a mental health facility.

Without it, they can’t force him to stay in a mental health facility, take his medication, or live close his family in Atlanta.

Toles’ family is constantly concerned for his welfare, but recent events have brought them a tiny bit of relief.

They originally elected to keep Toles’ condition a secret from everyone but the Dodgers, but now that the world knows about it, Andrew’s father Alvin is relieved that it’s no longer something they have to hide.

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