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Champions League could be affected by second coronavirus wave in Lisbon

UEFA has banked on Lisbon as relatively safe place to host the final stages of the Champions League in August – but a second wave of coronavirus in the city could still threaten the tournament.

However, some concern remains over a spike in Covid-19 cases around Lisbon, which would rule out any chance of fans attending from abroad and could even throw plans back up in the air.

Lisbon was chosen over initial hosts Istanbul because Portugal has fared comparatively well so far in the pandemic – recording four times fewer deaths per person than the UK, for example.

Yet, the number of new daily cases has been stuck at several hundred for the past month with around 80% of those in the Lisbon region, according to the Portuguese health ministry.

Two more stadiums in other parts of Portugal are also being held in reserve in case the outstanding Champions League last-16 second-leg ties – including Manchester City ’s home leg against Real Madrid and Chelsea ’s visit to Bayern Munich – cannot be held at the original venues.

Meanwhile, the Europa League could also be on risky territory after Germany, the agreed host of the summer mini tournament, registered its highest daily increase in infections for a month.

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