Nintendo Switch

Burnout Paradise Remastered on Nintendo Switch: Takedowns on the go

This time, developer Stellar Entertainment has shuffled the lauded racer onto the Nintendo Switch as part of the ongoing Burnout Paradise Remastered reboot.

Thankfully, the lovely arcade racing charm and downright addictive gameplay Burnout Paradise exudes remains on display, and the Switch might provide the best way to experience it all -- especially for those who didn't have the pleasure 12 years ago.

All event types, which include Races, Marked Man, Burning Routes, Stunt Runs and the takedown-oriented Road Rage, begin with the player spinning their tires at one of the hundreds of stoplights scattered across Paradise City.

Showtime Road Rules still can't compare to the past Crashbreaker mode, but it remains as well, with a simultaneous press of the L and R buttons.

Of course it's nice to watch my Hunter Cavalry take down a Nakamura Ikusa GT at high speed on my TV, but being able to curl up on the couch and have the action in the palm of my hands is almost just as enjoyable, if not more.

Searching for stunt jumps, billboards and hunting down AI racers to send their cars to the junkyard from the comfort of the bedroom is the point.

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