Yaroslava Shvedova Quarantined in Nur-Sultan Hospital

Tennis player Yaroslava Shvedova, who is also the playing captain of the Kazakhstan tennis team, is currently quarantined at the Nur-Sultan hospital as she was on the same flight with a woman infected with coronavirus.

In her Instagram account, Shvedova posted a photo from the hospital in which she was quarantined.

A women from the Milan-Moscow-Nur-Sultan flight, arriving on March 12, became the third coronavirus infected in Kazakhstan.

She was one of 90 people on board the plane, including Shvedova.

Shvedova was appointed captain of the Kazakhstan national tennis team in February this year, while she is still playing on the tour.

According to the Ministry of Health, the total number of cases in Kazakhstan on March 15 was eight people (in Almaty - 6, in Nur-Sultan - 2).

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