Boston Red Sox

What might've happened if the Red Sox played on Opening Day

In lieu of the postponement, we created a mock game story of the Red Sox’ previously scheduled opener against the Toronto Blue Jays.

The smell of poutine, peanuts and Molson filled the air at the Rogers Centre on Thursday afternoon, when the Red Sox opened the season with a dramatic 5-4 win over the Blue Jays.

Before the game, he brought an iPad to home plate to show Jays manager Charlie Montoyo his preferred defensive alignment for each hitter.

When Rodriguez struck out his 15th and final batter in the sixth inning, he offered to let the Blue Jays rub his arms to check for any sticky substances.

Kevin Pillar, returning to Canada for the second time since the Jays traded him last year, robbed a home run at the wall, breaking his nose in the process.

During the next at-bat, Jays catcher Danny Jensen put down two fingers for pitcher Ken Giles and the unnamed Sox’ baserunner pulled a small maraca out of his back pocket and shook it two times.

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